Five details not to share about your relationship

It can be a natural habit to share every detail of your life with your innermost circle of friends.

This can be especially true if you are in a romantic relationship because your significant other has become an important part of your life. Whether your boyfriend does something good or bad it is usually something we share with our friends. While they may be the first group of people we run to when we need to talk about what the boyfriend did, it is not always the best idea.

There is a line between what is appropriate and what is not to tell others about your significant other. When it comes to talking to your friends about your romantic relationship, the following topics are ones you should avoid:


1. How much money he makes

Money is seldom a good topic to talk about with anyone. First, is it anyone else’s business how much a person makes? Second, how would anyone benefit from knowing this kind of information? Plus you probably don’t want, let alone need, your friends’ approval on how much or little he makes. As long as your boyfriend is happy with the amount of money he makes, you should be, too.


2. Anything you may be keeping from your boyfriend

Secrets are no fun. If you happen to be hiding something from your boyfriend, but tell your friends, that raises a red flag in how important the relationship is. By sharing a secret with your friends instead of your boyfriend, it can create a sense of dishonesty and lack of trust in the relationship. Anything you tell your friends you should be able to tell your boyfriend, too.


3. The details of your intimate life

Let’s face it, it is none of your friends’ business what you and your significant other’s intimate life entails. It won’t benefit anyone by knowing all the details. It would be a huge turn-off for your boyfriend if he heard through the grapevine how good —or worse —bad, he is at kissing or in bed. Take a second and think about how you would feel if he were telling his friends, sparing nothing.


4. Every little detail of a fight and everything your boyfriend does wrong

It can be therapeutic to vent to friends about a fight, but sharing too many details can have a negative result. If you only share the fights you and your boyfriend have, your friends might paint the wrong picture about the relationship. They may only then see him as a jerk and wonder why you haven’t broken it off with him yet.


5. Information your boyfriend tells you in confidence

If your boyfriend shares something personal about him or his family, it is important to make sure it stays between the two of you. Your friends don’t need to know everything he tells you, like his brother went to jail once or that his dad is a recovering alcoholic. If you share this information with others when he asked you not to will break his trust in you. Ultimately if there isn’t trust in a relationship, it won’t last.