Five Hallmark Movies to See Before Christmas

Story by Hanna Stockwell

We’ve all heard it before; Thanksgiving first, then Christmas. Some may believe in that particular theory, when logically, that’s the way it goes. However, for some of us, it’s never too early to start binge watching your favorite holiday Hallmark Channel movies.

Who doesn’t love corny holiday love stories?

  1. “The Christmas Card”

If you’re into a good love story, this film is for you. The 2006 film tells a story of a soldier who receives an anonymous Christmas card and then goes on a journey to find the woman behind the card.

2.  “A Christmas Detour” 

This is a great romance movie with a few twists and lots of suspense. This Hallmark movie tells a story of two New York travelers who are stuck in a snow storm. Paige is eager to make it back home in order to meet her finance’s parents for the first time. Meanwhile, Dylan just faced a heartbreak. The two are stuck in an airport in Buffalo together with no way home.

3.  “Northpole: Open for Christmas”

Looking for a cheesy Santa, lost holiday movie? This film is calling your name. It’s about a business woman who loses her holiday spirit. She inherits her aunt’s old inn and sells it around Christmas time. Santa and his elves plan to restore her holiday spirit.

4. “A Crown for Christmas”

Not a fan of love stories? That’s okay, Hallmark has movies for you, too. This story is based on a young woman who accepts a new governess job and it happens to be for a troubled European Princess. In the beginning, the two don’t get along. However, the young woman soon becomes a role model and friend to the princess.

5. “When Sparks Fly”

Meghan Markle plays the role as a successful city woman who comes to her country home for the holidays. Coming from her life in Chicago, she reconnects with a lost love back home. Reminiscing on her new city life, she has a lot of thinking to do.

Gather your family and closest friends. After all, that’s what holidays are for. Now, cuddle up with hot cocoa, throw on your favorite fuzzy Christmas socks and embrace all the romantic comedies that this season has to offer.