Five Ways To Manage Your Mental Health During Quarantine

Story & graphic by Shannon Bardol

It’s hard to look around and find ways to be motivated, and being in quarantine isn’t so great for those who struggle with mental illness. Here are five ways to manage your mental health while being stuck in quarantine.

Check in on your physical health

The easiest way to get up and motivated and manage your mental health is to address your physical health. Make a routine and stick to it. Even if that means you wake up at 2 p.m. and start your homework at 10 p.m., sticking to a routine will help the brain return to some sort of normalcy. Go for a walk, sit outside in the sun, play with your animal outside, anything that will get you outside and get some vitamin D.

Connect with friends, family and loved ones

One of the hardest things about quarantine is being deprived of interaction from those who mean the most to us. Which is why it’s important to connect with them during this time. Whether you watch a movie with friends using Netflix Party, using Kast to play Jackbox Games or sit on the end of your driveway six feet apart. While yes this quarantine is necessary, it’s also necessary to get creative with your communication tools.

Try something new

You cannot come out of this time and say that you didn’t have the time to try something new. Whether it be painting, knitting, working out and everything in between, try something new. You never know what new hobby you may enjoy.

Consume news wisely

While it is important to stay informed during this time, don’t spend hours obsessing over a new statistic or what some new health professional said. Watching the news and being informed can empower you, but don’t let it drive up your anxiety. Make sure to step away from the news from time to time and watch/read something else.

Take care of yourself

You and you alone are the only person who can tell you what you need at any particular time, and you can’t pour from an empty cup. So make sure you are doing what you need to fill your cup so that you can get done what needs to get done.

Remember that you are human, and it’s ok to not be ok. Take the time you need, do what you need to do, but then pick yourself up and keep moving forward.