Four Ways to Decorate Your Graduation Cap

Story by Alexis Thompson

One of the most exciting things about graduating can be decorating your graduation cap with your own style and unique idea. Here are just a few ways Central Michigan University students decorated their caps this spring.

Samantha Ryner is graduating with a major in Fashion Merchandising. To decorate her grad cap, she got her inspiration from Pinterest. Ryner decided to use pearls, decorative tape and sticker letters to complete her look. When asked what advice she has for undergrads, Ryner said, “Just have fun and become involved in different things on campus.” Photo courtesy of Samantha Ryner 

Kaitlyn Alsheskie is pursuing her dreams in Communication Science Disorders. She also found a similar design on Pinterest that inspired her to create hers. Alsheskie decorated her cap with sticker letters and rhinestones. “These four years go by quick so don’t rush through it, and make sure to have the time of your life,” Alsheskie said. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Alsheskie


Hannah Rickers is graduating with a major in Recreation Event Management and a double minor in Leadership and Child Development. Rickers decorated her cap with stickers and glue. She got her inspiration from her internship. She is currently interning at the Carlin Alumni House where she noticed the CMU Alumni say, “Fired up forever.” She also chose this quote because of the strong impact CMU had on her life and how proud she is to be a Chippewa forever. “Cherish your time here and take advantage of everything CMU has to offer,” Rickers said. Photo courtesy of Hannah Rickers

Grace Bolthouse is graduating with a degree in Marketing and Logistics. Her inspiration for her cap was her passion for being a woman in the business field. She also loves the song and plans on firing up forever. She decorated her cap with paint, a thin brush, a sponge, and glitter, of course. Her advice? “Don’t take 21 credits your last semester, buy a parking pass, and don’t wish it all away. Never take a moment as a Chippewa for granted.”  Photo courtesy of Grace Bolthouse