Freshmen Guide to Affordable Campus Style

Amanda King gives freshmen a few tips on staying stylish on campus.

Design Cosignor features a lot of great deals for college students trying to look good and save some cash. (Ally Padden/Grand Central Magazine)

Okay freshmen, it’s time to retire those free t-shirts you won at Fire Up! Fest and come into your own as a stylish college student. Put a personal twist on your wardrobe and save that Central Michigan University pride for the football games … or your visits to Western Michigan University.

To the naked eye, Mount Pleasant doesn’t seem to offer much for the aspiring fashionista, but don’t write it off so quickly. Putting in the effort to explore different styles yields great results, for both your closet and your wallet.

Mount Pleasant is home to a handful of boutique and antique shops that are brimming with unique finds at affordable prices.

It might only be a month into your college experience, but the reality of living on a budget has probably already revealed itself. It’s easy to get around that when you’re finding great accessories and jewelry for less than $10.

Antique’s Center, 1718 S. Mission St., has a ton of great, one-of-a-kind purses, belts and jewelry for never more than $15. Accessories always pull together the best outfits.

Armada junior, Kayla Parks explains why she loves Antique’s Center.

“I’m always finding awesome pieces of jewelry there. In fact, I got this necklace for a dollar!” Parks said.

As far as clothing goes, don’t be afraid to give Goodwill, 1313 S. Mission St., a shot.

The Designer Consignor, 1809 S. Mission St., is a trendy, upscale resale shop that offers brand names for less than at department stores. They often offer unique pieces for less than $5.

Not only that, the shop also buys used clothing.

Clinton Township senior, Michelle Shamaly raves about the shoes she found at Designer Consignor

“Everyone’s always asking where I found them, I’m not sure I want to give away my little secret,” Shamaly said.

Renee Rowley of Mount Pleasant is the owner of Designer Consignor. She said she wanted to open a store where women could find clothes that make them feel comfortable without feeling it would hurt their income.

“You might have to spend a little more time searching, but buying resale in today’s economy leaves money for other things, like trips,” Rowley said.

As a teen, Rowley said she visited resale shops often to find clothes that were not only practical, but were her own style and not necessarily “only trendy pieces.” Designer Consignor has designer brands, many of which still have their tags, but are second-hand washed so you know they’ll fit. She said the best part is that the pieces are half the price of something you’d find at the mall.

“Buying second-hand is like borrowing clothes from your girl friends,” Rowley said.

So living on a budget is no excuse to live fashion-free. Tune into your creativity and, as you’ve just made the venture into your new college environment, take a few more steps into a whole new world of your own personal style.


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