Stereotypical CMU Party Culture: You Don’t Have to Participate

Story by Christina Amato
Photo by Anne Langan

Yet again, homecoming brings another big party weekend at Central Michigan University. The beer kegs are being stocked up, the living rooms cleaned, and there is a twinkle in the eyes of every overworked student.

As we all know, CMU has the reputation for being a huge party school. When you utter the words “I go to Central” people automatically assume that your grades aren’t good, you binge drink, and you aren’t really that smart. We refute this stereotype, of course, because it simply is not true.

But, the thing about partying that is so alluring for college students, not just at CMU, but at any school, is letting loose and taking breaks from exams, projects or grades. It’s the idea behind hanging out with friends, dressing up and creating wild stories.

So, if you want to go out and do that, it’s okay.

But here’s the thing: if you do not want to experience the loud, sweaty crowds of people, and would rather spend your night in bed watching Netflix, it’s okay.

I repeat, it’s okay.

Peer pressure is a real thing that I, along with many people that I know, have experienced. The hype of going out with with your friends, or FOMO (fear of missing out) is something that weighs on our shoulders, but no one should feel less for deciding to stay in.

If you are surrounding yourself with people that make you do something that you do not want to do, whether it’s going out or being forced to stay in, you need to find people who care more. It is important to be surrounded people who care about your happiness and who look out for you.

You should not be pressured into being something that you’re not.

Parties aren’t going anywhere. Parties existed hundreds of years before this and will exist hundreds of years after this. There will be another weekend, another house party and another night to go to Wayside. Netflix and hot chocolate aren’t going anywhere either, and will always be there when you want them.

The most important thing about college is having time for you and growing into the healthiest person that you can be. There is no such thing as “the college experience” because it is different for everyone.

Make it a priority to ensure that you are content with what you are doing, and don’t let the stigma of being a college student sway what you want to do. Sometimes there are instances where you need to put yourself ahead of what else is going on, no matter the FOMO.

Now go bowling, pick up some extra hours at work, turn on that Netflix, go to Wayside or do whatever else that you want to do! This is your campus, experience it how you want to.