Grand Central: A Year In Review

Editor-in-chief Kristen Newhouse relives the accomplishments of Grand Central in the 2009-2010 school year.

In my editorial last fall I expressed hope for Grand Central’s growth. I am happy to say that during this year we achieved this; the publication not only improved, but it excelled.

When the staff entered in the fall, it was with enthusiasm, optimism and high expectations. What the staff acquired was the experience and the knowledge that they were a part of an award winning publication.

Thanks to the hard work of our editorial staff, our adviser Betsy Pollard Rau and all of our contributors, Grand Central Magazine won first place for Best Online Publication at SPJ’s region 4 competition.

This is the magazine’s first award. It will hopefully soon be followed by another SPJ award this fall as Grand Central competes at nationals.

The 2009-2010 Grand Central staff can leave this school year proud, knowing we have improved the magazine on all fronts: design, content, photography and multimedia.

Please join us next year as we continue in the learning process.