Greek Week raises money with Mock Rock

CMU’s sororities and fraternities paired together for Greek Week 2011 in hopes of winning the annual trophy while challenging each other to raise thousands of dollars all in the name of philanthropy.

The week paired sorority and fraternity teams to compete in academic and athletic games, gain insight from guest speakers, raise money for the year’s charities and dance their hearts out at Mock Rock.

The first event this year was academic games, the category being movie trivia in which each team guessed particular characters from popular and classic movies or had to name the movie itself. The money raised that night went to the Red Cross.

The following night, Greeks gained much insight from guest speaker TJ Sullivan as he spoke about “Confronting the Idiot in your Chapter” and what it means to be Greek.

“I would give all of my Greek stuff away if it meant I could save one brother,” Sullivan said.

Greeks also collected can tabs that evening to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House charity.

The athletic games on Thursday posed an interesting challenge, as each team concentrated on winning the egg toss and stacking cups in an attempt to be selected for the final round, a relay race which consisted of team members digging through a bucket of sand, riding a scooter between cones, unlocking a lock tied around a puzzle and then solving the puzzle in as little time possible.

At the athletic games, Cleat Repeat, a non-profit organization started by CMU’s own Casey Smith of Delta Chi, was the selected charity. Cleat Repeat provides sports equipment to children, encouraging them to participate in sports.

After these events, groups practiced all hours of the night preparing for Mock Rock- a dance off- this year consisting of songs from various movie soundtracks that every group choreographed to make up a ten minute performance.

The performance took place on April 8 at 7 p.m. in the CMU Events Center and it was here that a Greek Week winner was declared.

The super-group or “The Powerhouse” as they called themselves, which consisted of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon and sororities Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Mu, took the trophy to their chapters and are Greek Week 2011 winners with the most points earned for the week. In addition to points, over $11,000 was raised during the week.