Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Part One

Halloween may finally be just around the corner, but many students have been thinking about their Halloween costumes since classes started. Some have even been counting down until this moment since Halloween ended last year.

Despite the excitement, not all college students are willing to break the bank by paying the high prices of costumes.

A few nightmares flood the minds of co-eds during their search for the perfect costume, from breaking the bank and creating a costume that simply does not look good to having to re-wear a costume from a past Halloween.

Save the nightmares for Elm Street. Grand Central has multiple ways for you to achieve your best Halloween costume yet without the terror.

Making your Halloween costume can be one of the cheapest ways to go, and taking preventative measures, such as planning ahead, will assure you’re costume will look great – and be ready in time for the 31st.

Rock it Out as Wilma Flintstone

One easy costume to create is Wilma Flintstone. She wears a tattered white dress with a large pearl necklace, no shoes. Though you might want to add shoes to your outfit – a pair of flats, or even heels – you can become Mrs. Flintstone with a cheap white bed sheet.

Wrap a flat sheet around your body to decide how much of the sheet you will need. Cut the sheet based on how many times you want to wrap it around your body, and to achieve the length you want. Base the length of the dress on how high you want to cut your tattered hem.

Place the sheet behind you, and wrap the top corner of one end around the front of your body to the other side. Then, pin it to a camisole or tank top just below your shoulder in the front. Take the other corner up to the other side, then twist the sheet as you pull it over your shoulder to create a strap. Have a friend help you pin the strap to the back of the sheet.

Your Wilma dress can also be strapless. Simply wrap the sheet around your body underneath your armpits as many times as you like, and pin it to your camisole or tank top on either side of the front or the back.

A white tie belt can be made with leftovers of the sheet to make the dress fitted. Cut a rectangle, and twist it until it becomes as thick or thin as you want. Wrap it around your waist, pinning and cutting it based on how tight you want it.

Lastly, your club can simply be a paper towel roll, shaped by pinching and taping the handle end, and using paper towel, toilet paper or notebook paper to create the rounded end. Wrap it in newspaper and paint it orange or brown.

Be A Little Devil or Stunning Ringmaster

Not feelin’ the stone age? Take a trip to the circus – or if you’re feeling daring – the underworld.

These costumes can easily be created with clothes you already have. Both can be achieved with a black or red dress. Pairing the dress with fishnet stockings, a bowtie and a hat allows you to be a ringmaster this year. You can even wear black shorts and a white button down shirt can create the costume.

Being a little devil is even easier. A dress – or leotard if you can manage to find one – can simply be paired with little devil horns and a tail.

With these ideas, get ready for Halloween in the most frugal of ways. There are multiple costumes that can be created with cheap purchases or clothing you already have. Get started on your costume and check back for Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Part Two for even more costume ideas.