Hot or Not: Buns

Buns are a quick and easy way to get your hair out of your face for the day.

They can be messy and worn with sweatshirts, or look put-together and be worn with sweaters. Girls are taking advantage of this trend because they are effortless.

Even though girls like this hair trend, do guys feel the same way?

“It’s kind of a style now,” said Kevin Laubhan, a freshman from Saginaw.

“The way you wear your hair is your preference,” said Jack Karle, a freshman from Gross Pointe.

“I like ponytails,” said Chad Crary, a senior from Imlay City.

“It means she’s down to earth. She wants someone to accept her for who she is,” said Richard James, a sophomore from Detroit.

“I don’t really care. It’s their regular hairstyle now,” said Michael Jarvis, a senior from Chicago.

Verdict: Buns can still be worn with any outfit. Guys understand why we wear them and we like how they look.