Hot or Not: Tights with Shorts

As the weather warms up, a number of spring fashion trends are sure to rise with the sun.

Among girls, a tried trend of the past is pairing tights with shorts.

Less popular during spring seasons past, shorts and tights have become more widely adopted.

Girls with differing personal styles, from punk, to feminine, hipster and even preppy, can incorporate this spring fashion trend in their wardrobe.

However, the tights and shorts duo is still quite unique; thus, only a select few have dare to try it out.

Amber Halstead, a freshman from Flint, says, “Personally, I wouldn’t wear it. I feel like the tights defeat the purpose of the shorts.”

As shorts are made for warm weather, and covering ones legs with tights or nylons is a practice during colder seasons, putting the two together can be perceived as a weird contradiction.

However, other students feel differently about the duo.

“I think it depends on how they present the trend,” sophomore Gina Mencarelli said.

The Pierson native also said it depends on the style of the shorts, and the style of the stockings and if they can pull it off.

Ashley Wilson agrees with Mencarelli.

“I believe that it depends on the type of tights and shorts,” she said.

The freshman from Elsie gave her style advice, saying “it can work with jean shorts and dark tights.”

Mencarelli thinks it is a “fun mix to put together,” while Wilson says she likes the trend, and can’t wait for suitable weather to finally set in.

The trend is generally accepted among the female population, but what do guys think?

Ben Schultz, a junior from Fremont, thinks the trend is very unique, and this is the very reason he thinks it should be given a chance.

“I don’t know that it would be considered popular fashion,” Schultz said, “But I like seeing people putting together different wardrobes, using their creativity and confidence. I like seeing people express themselves in any way possible.”


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