How Dating Changes Things

I’ve never been in love before – Well, now I am, but before that I was into “things” and “flings” as our generation refers to it.

After falling in love, I’ve noticed some things that are much different. Here are just a few things that begin to change once finding someone that fits perfectly into your life.


Trips to the mall and passing store windows has dramatically changed. For once, it’s not just browsing clothes for your own closet. Every rack you pass by is perused to see if your significant other would look cute in the clothes that hang on them.

You think “I should buy that for christmas,” or birthdays or Valentine’s Day, which may be far away, but who cares when it’s on sale and it would make the other feel and look good.


Every song reminds you of that person – literally. Every. Single. Song.

It could be sappy and sentimental or bass-dropping Future. Music is a connector that you want to share with your cutie. And after awhile, you end up sending them songs that you love, hoping they listen and love it as much as you do and vice versa.

At the end of the day, their taste in music starts rubbing off on you, whether you like it or not.

Going Out

Don’t get me wrong, going out is a good time with your significant other or with your friends, but sometimes it can get boring if they’re not with you.

And just when you thought you could get through a party without them, you’re wishing you were snuggled in bed together.

Sometimes, it’s great when you both decide to skip the party, order a pizza and just watch a movie. But going out together is an awesome time too, because you know you always have a dance partner and someone you love to leave with you.

Family Gatherings

Your love life seems to be the interest of every family member when visiting home. But isn’t it awesome to be able to say you’re in a relationship and brag about your love?

It’s even better when you get to introduce them to your grandparents and family, knowing they’ll fall in love with them as much as you have.


Being in love changes you and hopefully for the better. It makes you strive to become a better person, work harder in school, live healthier and changes your overall outlook on life.

It’s such a crazy feeling knowing that someone can be in love with you and it makes life seem so rewarding.