How One Senior says Goodbye to CMU

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. And, if something I desperately want to happen doesn’t, then it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s that.

Four years ago, when I was in the last trimester of my high school senior year, much like many students, I was deciding on what college to attend in the fall. I knew what college I wanted to attend – Michigan State University. But, as I have come to know – what I want, isn’t always what is meant to be.

I remember the day, vividly. I had already heard back from three of the five schools I applied for, all of which I received acceptance. However, I had yet to receive notification from Michigan State University or Central Michigan University. Then one day, I had a new e-mail and a new letter in the mail.

The e-mail read: “You have been deferred to a waitlist from Michigan State University.” And in the mail the letter read: “Central Michigan University is pleased to offer you acceptance for the Fall of 2012” (or something along those lines, I’m sure a “fire up, Chips” was thrown in there too).

So, being the person I am (my friends and family can vouch for this) I instantly thought, screw you MSU. You want to make me wait. Well no, I’m over it and over you. (Yes, now I only root for the University of Michigan).

Also being the person I am, I’m rather impulsive and decided to accept CMU’s offer that day. Without discussing it with my parents, without taking into consideration the three other schools I was accepted into and without knowing MSU’s final decision on my acceptance, I made up my mind in the span of two minutes.

I officially branded myself as a Chippewa, and not just for four years, but forever.

And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And, one of the best “everything happens for a reason” moments I have been blessed with.

I came to CMU knowing I can write well, knowing I can communicate well with others and thinking I would major in journalism with a news-editorial focus and minor in communication.

Well, that changed, and I had another “everything happens for a reason” situation and discovered the broadcast and cinematic arts major.

I was in my sophomore year, already completed a majority of my pre-requisites, all of my competency classes, and I started to dabble in the journalism major and communication minor.

I was in a 100-level journalism class with various students of different communication and fine arts majors. Another day I remember vividly, I was in class and we were talking about our majors and for whatever reason, everyone thought I was a BCA major and said they could see me on TV.

The idea had never crossed my mind – me, on TV?!

So, naturally, I started thinking about it. I looked into the major, realized how prestigious the BCA curriculum is here and decided to take a class.

I fell in love. Everyone was right and everything happens for a reason – I am all that broadcast entails.

However, as much personality as I have and as much as I can’t wait to express it on television, I also can’t give up on my other love – writing.

So, I changed my major to broadcast and cinematic arts with a minor in journalism.

I truly believe, if I didn’t choose CMU, I wouldn’t have discovered what my boisterous personality, curiosity, quick wit and sass was meant for. CMU allowed me to make my passion public, and I will always be thankful for that.

I also thank you CMU for providing me with the most influential and successful professors. They all took the time to help me grow and believed in me throughout all my endeavors and have been the absolute best educators, inspirations, mentors and friends.

Over the last four years, I have overused the term “fire up, Chips!” I have taken full advantage of all this school has to offer, from free Jesus dogs to $2 pints and every one of my professors’ office hours.

I have spent the majority of my years here in Moore Hall (seriously, I’ve been tempted to paint a wall). I have successfully turned left on Mission Street. I have received more parking tickets than I would like to admit.

And above everything, I have met some of the most genuine, full of life people, all of which I will forever be friends with.

I thank you CMU – for the teachings, the people, the endless memories and most importantly, I thank you for allowing me to trust the journey and share the story.

I’m forever a Chippewa, so goodbye CMU. #dropthemic