How to dress like Allie Calhoun from “The Notebook”

It seems like every love story has a girl who always dresses classy and elegant. In “The Notebook,” that girl is Allie Calhoun.

No matter the occasion it seems Allie always has the perfect outfits. While she always looks stunning, three looks stand out in the movie.


Summer will be here before you know it, which means you’ll need a new swimsuit. Allie’s suit was a traditional one, but you can modernize it easily. To give it the “classic” feel, wear a high waisted bikini. A bandeau top would go great with this. Allie’s bikini is red plaid, and that design would still work for this summer as well, but a black suit with white polka dots would also give off the same effect.

Put on a thick headband (perhaps with a knot on it), and a pair of sandals. Make sure you have a bathing suit cover up or clothes you can easily take on and off. Just remember your sunscreen and you’re ready for the beach!

Red printed dress

Allie also wears a red printed dress that would be perfect for the summer. A short-sleeved printed dress with black heels would be perfect for a day shopping around your town or having lunch with your friends. Twist your bangs back so they are out of your face and pull your hair into a low ponytail or low bun. If you’re feeling bold, wear red lipstick with this look.

Blue dress

Allie’s most memorable look is her blue dress. A simple, light blue, knee length dress would work just fine. Allie’s dress has buttons down the front, but that’s optional. Peep-toe wedges are the best shoes for this dress and since the dress is so simple, jewelry can be added to make it more interesting. For instance, stud earrings, a bold necklace and a simple bracelet would look nice. For your hair, curl it and pull it half back. This will add to the “classic” look. Again, red lips will make a bold statement with this outfit. This look is perfect for a family party.

For makeup for these looks, wear eyeliner to help the eyes stand out, but make sure not to put too much on. And as stated before, wear red lipstick if you’re feeling bold.

Allie Calhoun always knows how to dress classy and stylishly. We chose our top three, but all of her outfits in the movie are perfect inspiration on how to dress to impress. Re-watch “The Notebook” if you need to or use our guide. Either way these outfit ideas will work their way into your summer wardrobe.