HOW TO: Dress like Frozen’s Anna and Elsa

The new Disney film “Frozen” has been all people seem to be talking about. And it makes sense — a new princess to love, songs to sing and clothes to obsess over. Do you love “Frozen” as much as many others seem to? We have the guide on how to dress like Elsa and Anna.

Elsa’s iconic outfit in the movie is the white and blue snow dress. It is when she wears this dress that you can see how much more confident she becomes. She lets her hair down and lets her true self shine. This outfit can be re-created for a more school-friendly look.

Put on a light blue tank top. Elsa’s dress is sparkly on top, so feel free to wear one that has sparkles on it (or add your own!) Find a lace long-sleeved shirt and wear it over the tank top. This will give a similar effect to Elsa’s dress. You have a few options for the bottom half! If you have a light blue maxi skirt, you can wear that. This would look most like Elsa’s dress, but not everybody likes to wear skirts. The second option is to wear blue jeans. Now, don’t wear your typical jeans. Make sure the blue is brighter than a normal blue. Try to find a pair of jeans that match the color of your tank top. For shoes you can wear flats, either white or a blue to match. Elsa’s shoes are full of glitter, so if you’re feeling bold go ahead and wear sparkly shoes as well.

Elsa’s hair is in a French braid. Give your hair a bit of volume, and then braid your hair back. If your hair is long enough, let the braid fall onto your shoulder.

Anna’s outfit is a little bit more complicated. Pair a light blue long-sleeved shirt and a black tank top. The tank top should be form fitting with thicker straps. If you can add gold trim to the edges that would help the look. Again, find a long blue maxi skirt. Since she is traveling through a blizzard, Anna also wear s magenta cape. This would look a bit funny to wear in today’s society, so a magenta cardigan would be just fine. A pair of black combat boots will pull the Anna outfit together.

As for hair, Anna has two French braids. If you really want to get into the look, put a blonde streak on the right side of your hair, but this is not necessary.

You’re never too old to dress up like a Disney character! Let your inner-princess shine with these outfits and let people recognize you for the princess you really are.



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