HOW TO: Get over a break-up the healthy way

Most of us have experienced a heartache of some sort, whether it was the loss of a romantic relationship or even a friendship.

While it is never easy hearing words like “we need to talk,” or simply, “it’s over,” there are ways we can bounce back from the heartache that results from these situations.

It can be easy to want to eat junk food, cry our eyes out from beneath our covers or swear our life is over, but fear not, because it does get better.

Whether you’re the girl or guy who’s on the receiving end of a break-up, there are healthy ways to recover.

1. Indulge in your favorite hobby

Sometimes when we are in relationships, we can put our personal hobbies and passions on the back burner while we make time to do things with our significant other. What better time than now, at the end of a break-up, to get started doing something you truly love? Not only will you get new found knowledge from this hobby but you will also be distracting and freeing your mind of your ex.

2. Write in a journal

Writing can be very beneficial when it comes to releasing built-up tensions and stress. It can be a blog online or a hard copy paperback journal you write in the old-fashioned way. Regardless of the type of journal, let your thoughts flow. It doesn’t matter the emotion, every thought is important to write down and release. Plus, as time passes, you will be able to look back and see how your feelings have changed and how much you have grown.

3. Cut all ties

Some people think cutting ties means to quit being around them but it also applies to the social media world. Go through all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and delete your ex. If he or she no longer wants to be a physical existence in your life, then he or she doesn’t deserve that luxury in the virtual world either.

Besides, by allowing these exes to stay your friend or follower is inviting them to see how miserable or happy you are without them. At this point, it is none of their business. Share your life with those who genuinely care, not someone who just want to keep tabs on you. Same goes the other way — no stalking exes on social media or in person. You will only hurt yourself and come out looking foolish. Don’t forget to delete their number from your phone, too.


(Photo | Christina Locricchio)
(Photo | Christina Locricchio)


4. Make a list of the reasons why your ex wasn’t the right match for you

This task can be beneficial if done correctly. The point is not to write 1,000 things you disliked about your ex because face it, you clearly liked something about him or her. Simply jot down a few big things that bothered you and remind yourself how happy you are, now that you no longer have to deal with those attributes anymore.

5. Throw away or hide past physical memories

It can be hard for some people to completely get rid of gifts their ex gave them, but keeping them in a spot where they are constantly visible will only delay the healing and moving on process. If you don’t want to toss everything in the trash, then put it in a box in storage where you do not have easy access to it.

Moving on from a break-up is essential to being happy again. Each person is different, so how they cope will be too. Break-ups can be a devastating loss but with the right tools to guide you, you can be on your way to not flinching when you hear their name. Just remember to focus on healthy tips. We do not want you to head down the unhealthy road, which could  involve drunk texting or repeatedly driving past your ex’s house, which may ruin your reputation or worse, cause a restraining order.