How to: Look Hot In Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

There are many advantages to having a boyfriend. Besides having them pay for dinner here and there and being a great support system, they also come in handy when it comes to their wardrobe.

After spending the night at their apartment, sometimes you forget you have an early morning class. Instead of doing the ‘walk of shame’ for everyone to see, you can search your BF’s closet and come up with the perfect outfit.

Once their wardrobe is in your possession, it’s going to be hard to return. Grand Central has compiled a list of different ways to transform your boyfriend’s wardrobe into feminine, oh-so-chic looks. Don’t be surprised when you trade in your tight skinny jeans for a pair of your man’s Levi’s.

The Beanie
It’s easy to have a bad hair day while being at you’re at your boyfriend’s apartment without your fancy hair products. Instead of rushing home, reach for his beanie to wear and hide the frizziness. Wear that Detroit Lions one, and you might even get some approving nods from the sports fanatics in your class.

The Button-up Shirt
You can go from laying in bed to out the door in minutes for class by wearing a button up. Throw on your favorite pair of yoga pants and your look is complete.

The White-Tee
This is a staple for guys – now you can make it yours. Make his white t-shirt look grungy by wearing a leather jacket  with some gold accessories.

The Flannel
Make a boring outfit a little more 90’s-chic by tying your boyfriend’s worn out plaid shirt around your waist. This style is trendy and casual from day to day. Kylie Jenner seems to think so, too.

The Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are the talk of the fashion industry. Instead of buying “women” boyfriend jeans, borrow a pair from your actual boyfriend. If you’re single, borrow some from a male friend. Cuff the jeans at the bottom and tighten them up with a cute belt. Wearing these with heels makes your whole look sexy.