How To: Rock Dark Lipstick

From the runway to Rihanna, dark lipstick has become a popular makeup trend this season.

Whether you want to try a bold look, or just try something out of the box, it’s easy to look amazing with a dark pout – and here’s how.

Find your perfect color

A pink-based color looks best with fair skin, so try this NYX cranberry lipstick that compliments a light complexion.

For olive or medium skin, try blue-based lipsticks to make your teeth look whiter and brighten your face. This Maybelline purple shade is perfect for that bold, vampire look.

Dark skin tones look great with almost any color of dark lipstick. Try a brown base to add dimension to your lips and make your skin glow, like this Maybelline lipstick.

Add lip liner

Adding lip liner before putting on lipstick will help you apply it properly, reduce smudging and bring your whole look together. Matching your lipstick with your liner would be ideal, but if you can’t match it exactly, go a shade darker.

Apply with a brush

Dark lipstick is difficult to get right the first time, so try using a small brush for application. It’ll help eliminate streaks and keep the shade from looking too dry.

The rest is up to you

If you want to keep the focus on your pretty pout, consider using a more subtle eye liner or shadow. Intensify your mascara and add some bronzer around your cheeks to keep your look fresh and clean.

If you want to go for a dark look all around, try a smoky eye. Start with a gold or silver layer over your eyelid and then add some brown or black shadow to the corner of your eyes. Line your bottom and top rim with black eyeliner for a smoky eye that is not too intense, but still keeps up with your perfect pout.