HOW TO: Work patterned wedges into your outfit

We all have a pair. Patterned wedges, cork wedges- a crazy high pair of shoes that we bought on impulse over the summer…and have hidden in our closet ever since.

If you have no idea how to wear this summer impulse buy, check out the ways you can rock them day and night:

Most importantly, make the shoe the focus of your outfit. The more colorful your shoe is, the duller everything else should be. Pairing your colorful wedges with a plain t-shirt and jeans lets them stand out. You want to draw everyone’s eyes to your awesome shoes, not overwhelm them with an explosion of color

Don’t be afraid to shamelessly color coordinate though. A little pattern goes a long way, it’s true, but coordinating colors is a great way to tie your outfit together. Start with your patterned wedges and build from there. For example, you could pair your red checkered wedges with a white sundress, red earrings and a dash of red lipstick and you’d look extremely classy and stylish. The secret to style is balance-keep everything simple except the piece you want the world to focus on. If your shoes are multicolored, like mine, pick a color to focus on. Remember too, that black and white match with everything. Just remember to keep everything simple except for your crazy shoes.

On that note, if you have plain wedges, anything goes. Mix those babies with plain clothes, patterned clothes, colors, whatever strikes your fancy.

But one last word of advice-if your wedges are more than four inches high, don’t, under any circumstances, wear them with shorts. Capris are fine. Jeans are fine. But unless you’re channeling your inner Daisy Duke for Halloween, wearing super high wedges with shorts just makes you look trashy.

Shoes: Journeys. Jeans: Levis. Shirt: Old Navy. Earrings: Charming Charlie.
Shoes: Journeys. Jeans: Levis.