Top five fashion blogs for students

Like most aspiring fashionistas, I follow fashion blogs religiously for new ideas. Sometimes the best way to get yourself out of a fashion rut is to take inspiration from someone else.

For anyone looking for fresh ideas, these are my five go to sites.

1. Blonde Bedhead. Andrea, a Michigan blogger, is one of my favorite bloggers to follow. Not only does she have masses of gorgeous blonde hair, she brings life and color to her work clothes. All of her outfits are quirky and unique, using affordable clothing from stores like Forever 21, but more importantly, many of them are professional enough for the workplace.

2. Selective Potential. Tieka, another Michigan blogger, has a fantastically feminine style. She mixes colors and patterns like there’s no tomorrow, and if that wasn’t enough, her blog doubles as an adventure blog. Scattered in with pictures of her outfits are shots of places she has traveled to, many of them in Michigan. Tieka is also proof that brunettes can rock red lipstick too.

3. This is a site that has contributors from colleges all over the United States. It’s written by college students for college students, and not only can you find thrifty ways to shop, you can also look at outfits inspired by movies like Lord of the Rings and the Batman trilogy. The best part? The outfits are actually wearable.

4. Fashion Beans. Fashion Beans is a men’s fashion site that also uses many different contributors. They focus on trendy fashion for guys, but again, the stuff is actually wearable. Fashion Beans covers everything from how to layer t-shirts, flannels, and blazers to what to wear on a first date. It’s a great site for guys who want to look good but aren’t sure where to start (and for girls looking for trends in menswear to transfer to women’s fashion. Hey, we can layer too!)

5. The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman photographs well dressed people he comes into contact with and interviews them. His focus on street style shows all aspects of fashion from all over the world. All you have to do is open his home page and you’ll be flooded with tons of photos for inspiration.