How To: Work with the African American Hair Texture

Let’s be real – natural, thick and curly hair can be tough to manage, and at times very frustrating. But loving your locks is important, so we have exclusive Grand Central tips for keeping your African hair safe and stylish.

Sensitive Strands

Due to the kinky and bendy strands of the texture, it is difficult for natural oils to be evenly distributed. This means that the texture is extra vulnerable for breakage, which requires one to be patient during the growth process.

For Strength

Moisturizer: Since it is difficult to distribute oil, using moisturizers with olive, coconut and shea oil will balance out the shortage.

Sleeping Beauty: Instead of using a cotton pillow case, switch to satin. This fabric is fairly smooth and won’t conflict with your strands at night.

Heat: Avoid using heat on your hair regularly. This is useful for all hair types because heat can damage the hair easily. It is okay to indulge in the sleek style, but be cautious and use wisely. Maybe think twice about a 300 degree straightener touching your precious hair.

Trim Ends: This is helpful for all hair types, too! For the African American texture however, you want to avoid breakage as much as possible. To reduce breakage, try to get trims every couple months. Have you ever experienced the clean and chic feeling of getting your hair trimmed? It feels amazing!

Hair Washing: Due to the thick texture, natural hair needs as much natural oil as possible. If hair is washed regularly it strips away the friendly oils.

Unlike fine hair, those strands easily distribute oil down to the ends. Washing hair is extremely important in order to prevent build up.

For thick, natural hair, washing hair daily will strip the necessary oils that have built up, which will result in dryness. This texture can go up to two weeks without washing hair, which is completely normal.

Natural Love

A love-hate relationship with thick, rough hair can be understandable. There are so many styles that are possible with this hair type, though that self-love is inevitable when you look this good.

Styles We Dig

Natural Volume: At times you may dodge rain drops like bullets, but it really does give a nice curly perm to our hair. Water is the secret ingredient that expands volume with little effort that make those with the fine hair jealous.

Curls: Since our hair is thick, curls stick easier and bounce due to the lovely, course texture. Since there are fewer wash days for thick hair, it is much easier to hold a curl as mentioned above.

Corn Rows: An exploding trend that makes you look bad to the bone.

Box Braids: Usually, you buy extra hair to braid in with your strands to produce length and volume. In addition, you can braid in a colorful strand to give your style personality.

Twists: This process is similar to box braids, but with only two strands. Instead of braiding, twist two strands together to get a contorted beauty look. Braids can stay in to up to three months, and you can even wash them like any other hair style.

Added bonus: due to the low maintenance and protective style, your hair will grow faster than usual.

Straight: This style for some of us may take a while to accomplish and may even include the additional hot comb. However, in the end, you look like a completely different person, (in a good way), with the sleek look.

But, be cautious – this is a sleek style, but must not be done regularly because we all know heat can be damaging to every texture. So, straighten for special occasions.