Last Minute Gift Ideas on a College Budget

Shopping malls are at full capacity and you’ve spent the majority of your day waiting in lines, this chaos marks the middle of the holiday season. But just when you thought you had everyone checked off of your gift list and busy malls were a thing of the past, you remember that you still need to get presents for the not so significant, but still somewhat important people in your life.

At some point or another, everyone runs into the same problem – deciding on a gift. Here are a few fun gift ideas for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Homemade Baked Goods

There’s nothing sweeter than taking the time to put some TLC into your gifts. This fun idea also gives you the freedom to express your creative side in the kitchen. For example, let’s say you make a batch of puppy chow, all you have to do from there is buy some festive tins or mason jars from the dollar store, wrap it all up together and you’re done! You just prepared gifts for multiple people. It’s fun, easy and nice on your wallet.

Board Games and Puzzles

With all of these fancy gadgets and technology, it’s nice to take a break from it all and receive something that most people haven’t picked up in years.

Don’t underestimate a family board game or a tricky puzzle. Whether it be sharing a good laugh or helping each other find the missing puzzle piece, this is a fulfilling gift idea simply because it gives people the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. And time spent with loved ones is a gift in itself.

Assorted Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are great because who doesn’t love a basket full of goodies? These have become a very popular gift idea, especially for those who don’t exactly know what to give someone.

Gift baskets come with all different types of themes such as, movie night, spa essentials, assorted fruits and nuts, spices and sauces, coffee and teas, meats and cheeses – the list goes on. You can even create your own holiday gift baskets that will best suit that person. This is a simple and safe solution for gift giving.


For your adult friends, you can never go wrong with a quality craft beer or a fine wine. You can also find a holiday variety pack of the most popular liquor options. If you don’t think that’s quite enough, another nice accessory to add might include a brew mug set or a pack of lavish shot glasses. Put these things together and you have a pleasant, yet simple gift that will be most appreciated.