Makeup Monday: Looks For Less with Laura Geller Products

Buying each component of your makeup routine can really add up when there are many essential products necessary for a complete look. One way you can keep your look consistent and give your wallet a break is to buy a makeup kit from a product line, like Laura Geller.

Laura Geller’s So Scrumptious: Volume 2 kit, with a frosted pink sugar cookie on the cover, holds every girl’s essential cosmetics in one convenient (and delicious) package. The collection contains:

  • Spackle ® Tinted Make-Up Primer, champagne
  • Baked foundation
  • Baked eye shadow quad, smoky purples
  • Baked blush
  • Lip gloss, soft pink
  • Duel-ended applicator

In order to see if this kit was a steal, we put the products to the test. The end result: Full coverage, a radiant look and knowledge about a fun, friendly line.

(Photo I Colleen Dluzynski)
(Photo | Colleen Dluzynski)

Spackle ® Tinted Make-Up Primer, champagne

This softly-tinted primer keeps makeup in place as well as ensuring all day wear for any kind of foundation.

Baked foundation

This compact foundation is marbled with various neutral shades to correct and even skin tone. The compact, pressed powder allows you to gather the right amount to avoid a caked look.

Tip: After the swirling applicator into the powder, tap the side of the brush on the palette to remove any excess powder. This will ensure you are not putting on more than you need.

Baked eye shadow quad, smoky purples

This palette contains four colors: light pink, eggplant purple, gold and plum. The color combinations give eyes a subtle deepness while making them pop.

Tip: After applying shadow, take a clean, large eye shadow brush and blend lightly over the whole lid. This will blur any distinct color lines and soften the shadow, making it look more natural.

Baked blush

Fused into one palette with many shades of pink, this blush perfectly accents cheeks by giving you a natural looking, rosy cheek.

Tip: For those with round or oval faces, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks (tapping first!) and blend upward along the cheek bone. Those with long or heart-shaped faces should apply to the side of the face, or where cheek bones normally sit.

Lip gloss, soft pink

Going out, going to class, or going to the store, a soft pink lip can pull together any look you are going for. The soft color of the lip gloss balances out a dramatic, smoky eye or completes a naturally made up face for softer, more casual looks.

Duel-ended applicator

At one end, the applicator brush has short, fluffy bristles, perfect for applying the baked foundation. The mesh tip at the opposite end of the brush is two-sided to apply both light and dark shadows to your eyes.

The products that are valued at $168 can be purchased from Laura Geller’s website for only $59, giving you a complete look for less.

(Photo I Colleen Dluzynski)
(Photo | Colleen Dluzynski)