Men’s holiday attire

As the holidays draw near, a few things are probably dominating your subconscious, forming a holiday break to-do list in your mind. As you get ready to head off campus for the holiday break, your to-do list might look something like this:

1). Eat great food 2). See family 3). Hang out with old friends.

However, where on this list is “choose my holiday attire?” Though you may word it differently, eating great food and seeing family and friends should come after choosing what you are going to wear, when they lay eyes on you. Don’t you want to dress to impress?

No matter your personal style, there are many ways to dress to impress, and these ways can vary based on who you are trying to impress. Everyone’s family is different; everyone’s in-laws are different; everyone’s friends are different. But one thing is for sure – they will all appreciate seeing you in at least one of these fashionable pieces during the holidays.

Pleated Pants

Think about it: how many opportunities do you get to wear pleated pants? The holidays are the perfect opportunity to wear this traditional symbol of dignity and suavity. Not to mention, pleated pants show your attention to detail, something your parents and older family members will definitely notice.


Blazers are also a traditional garment for formal events. Still, you do not have to wear one with a suit. Wearing jeans with a blazer will make the look more casual and the contrast formed between the two pieces will turn many heads.

Cardigan Sweaters

If you don’t like the route of wearing a blazer, try a cardigan. Cardigans are a very relaxed way of dressing up for the holidays. Going from casual to formal with these sweaters is perfect for intimate gatherings. Gina Mencarelli, a junior from Pierson agrees, “You don’t have to try too hard to dress to impress. [Cardigans are] really casual to wear around your family, and they are simple.” Try pairing your cardigan with a pair of pleated pants for a relaxed, formal look.

Sweater Vests

Sort of a novelty and not as common as cardigans and other sweaters, sweater vests are sure to attract attention as you house-hop this holiday season. Alexandro DeOliveira, a junior form Novi, suggests wearing patterns fit for the holidays, “The different colors are very festive for the time of the year.”


Suspenders are classic, vintage and hipster all rolled into one. The craze over suspenders has come, gone and come back again, so wearing these accessories for the holidays is all about what you wear them with. You cannot go wrong with a dressy button-down shirt, but having a little fun with patterns also would not hurt, either. Because you can find colorful suspenders in playful prints, it won’t be hard to wear a pair and make the look your own.


If the word “hipster” caught your eye, and if ties are just a little too mainstream for you, then you might need to add a few bowties to your wardrobe. Found in just about the same, if not more patterns and prints as ties, bowties will definitely be a fun element to your holiday ensemble. Wearing a bowtie and suspenders – now that is what fun looks like.


Dressing to impress for the holidays also includes your shoes. Classic attire at its best, oxfords look great with a wide array of clothing and accessories. Much like blazers and sweaters, oxfords can be worn in a formal look more diluted for more intimate gatherings.


Speaking of intimate gatherings, loafers are perfect for more casual events this holiday season. From cozy breakfasts to late night games around the fireplace. Since they can be worn with everything from jeans to pajama pants, there’s no reason not to give them a try this season.

With this list in mind, revise your current holiday to-do list to include dressing to impress. You can choose one or none of these times, so long as you have fun with your wardrobe this forthcoming holiday season. And as you get dressed for you festivities, share your looks with GCM on Facebook or Twitter @gcmagcmu. We would love to see your impressive holiday attire.