On Making Great First Impressions

First impressions are the gateway to any relationship that is to follow, whether romantic or professional.

After an introduction we are almost for certain what to expect from one another. But, the truth is, you only get one chance.

Naturally, our minds have the ability to subconsciously take in someone’s appearance, facial expression and stance. Within those few seconds of scanning someone’s demeanor, our minds are already made up about this person’s entire existence. 

As unreasonable as it may seem, the moment another person lays their eyes on you they are forming an opinion about what kind of person you are. The unfortunate part about new encounters is people’s initial opposition to outside appearances – the fact that a stranger is judging you based on your appearance first seems to be merely ridiculous, however, there is no cure for our judgemental minds.

Everything is taken into context, from your clothes to your demeanor, and visually, we process the body as a whole from top to bottom.

Always remaining prepared for a possibility for a run-in with someone of importance is the first major key to successful first impressions, so always keep up with your appearance and be aware of your surroundings.

Dress to Impress

There should always be a reason to, “dress to impress.” Whether the initial meeting is professional or social, making a statement with your clothes is what sets you apart from anyone else.

Although it is important to showcase your own individuality, keep in mind to try not to go overboard with clothes. In order to fight off misconceptions, it is essential to go the extra mile to present yourself in an appropriate manner.

Read the Room

Pay attention to the topics that you choose to bring up when entering a new territory – some people are easily offended when it comes to certain conversations, especially when going on business ventures or on an interview.

Take time out of your schedule to research specific information on a company’s history and make yourself knowledgeable on different aspects surrounding the business. Not only does this lead to a strong business connection, but this also puts you ahead of the other competitors.

Your Smile is Your Best Asset

Making yourself approachable is another key factor to people’s positive perception of you.

Always be aware of your facial expressions. Meeting new people can be uneasy at first, but remember no one wants to interact with someone who seems to be carrying a bad attitude.

Show of your pearly whites, and smile!
And, more importantly, remain true to who you are. 

Do not confuse making a good first impression with becoming something you are not, but simply showcasing your best features in every aspect.