OPINION: Miley Cyrus is genius

Miley Cyrus.

Are you sick of hearing about her yet? Let’s keep talking about her.

The backlash of the MTV Music Awards and then that “Wrecking Ball” music video has everyone talking. She’s God-awful, right?

I think she’s genius.

When you were in middle school, everyone talked about the “popular” kids. They got the most attention, had the most friends and most of all, had the power.

Not that I want to place “Miley Cyrus” in the same sentence as “middle school kids,” but she’s the popular one in this situation even if you don’t want to admit it.

Yeah, her music videos are weird as hell. I mean, who licks a sledgehammer?

But, she knows the business and how to work it to her advantage. And you can’t hate her for that.

The entertainment business is all about one thing: Money.

All of the attention Miley is driving toward herself is also driving a boatload of money toward her and her wackadoo-self.

But wait, it shouldn’t take being obnoxious, inappropriate, immature, disgusting, unlady-like to make money. But wait, last time I checked, it’s the entertainment industry. They’re born and paid to entertain you. Don’t confuse entertain you with please you.

Miley is interesting. She does what she wants and doesn’t bore us with her antics. We all want to see what she does next. We’re, in a sense, wrapped around her finger (please don’t lick us!).

The fact is she is going to keep being crazy, receiving tons of attention, tons of money and entertaining us until she runs dry or takes the cliché route and gets involved with drugs before falling off the Earth.

I don’t think she is an ideal role model for young girls, and I don’t think that matters anymore. She’s not contracted to teach kids anything. She’s playing up her wild side and gaining attention for it.

Miley is the focus of all of our “Oh My God” conversations and she wants it to be that way.

It’s your choice on whether or not you buy into it.