Program Board Silent Disco

Story by Rebecca Particka Photos by Rebecca Particka

Students got the opportunity to dance like nobody was watching, or listening, at Program Board’s silent disco on Sept. 16th, 2022, in the Student Activity Center. 

Miranda Greene, Program Board’s concert director, was the main coordinator for the event.  Greene described silent discos as “…a way to let loose…because nobody knows what you’re listening to.” 

Participants each received a pair of headphones to listen to music at the event. Songs streamed in across three different channels, which participants got to pick from.  

“My favorite part of running it is watching everyone have a blast with each other and try to communicate what channel to turn to with their friends,” Greene said. 

Greene, and Program Board special event coordinators, Coy Lakatos and Paige Hessen, managed the channels. They curated playlists that included pop songs, line dances, and classic Disney music. 

Greene sees silent discos an alternative to traditional dances that allow participants to be more confident. “You can turn up the music really loud and you can’t hear what anyone else is doing.” 

Program Board meets every Wednesday at 8 in the Mackinaw Room in the Bovee University Center. Greene also said Program Board is inviting the comedy band Lewberger back to campus in November.