Review: Sure Shot BBQ

Sure Shot BBQ, located at 1135 S. Mission St., looks a bit dumpy from an outside perspective — one would easily miss the tiny eatery if not for a close eye while sitting in a passenger seat.

Yet, when I walked into the restaurant on Tuesday, skeptical nonetheless, I immediately sensed a kooky, down-home vibe that could only be provided by a local like Sure Shot. It’s the type of diner that’s appreciated and beloved by Mount Pleasant natives — the manager’s endless chatter and quirky jokes with the customers quickly gave it away.

While the eccentric artwork (endless pig pictures, photos of Ice Cube and Ice-T on the beverage machines) contributed to the easy atmosphere, I was a bit disappointed with the ordering process. I attempted to order cornbread and a chicken sandwich; they were out of both cornbread and chicken breast. The menu is already less than extensive and a lack of food only further minimizes the selection. As an alternative, I opted for a chicken tender sandwich and a side of fries.

The food that I ended up buying was delicious. Nothing about the tenders tasted processed; they were baked to perfection, but the fries are what really stole the show. My friends and I wolfed them down. A special type of seasoning (I’m not sure what, probably a house secret) made them particularly addicting.

Senior Garren Salk ordered the beef brisket, claimed that it was fairly fatty and said he wouldn’t order it again. On the other hand, sophomore Juan Hernandez ordered a pulled pork nacho and thought it scrumptious. Sophomore Amber Wilder ordered a pulled pork sandwich and loved it as well. Bottom line: If you’re planning on taking a trip to Sure Shot, order something containing pulled pork, which seems to be the restaurant’s specialty.

All in all, I enjoyed my experience at Sure Shot BBQ and will be visiting again in the future. The manager’s good-natured ribbing as I walked around the place taking pictures set the tone for the evening: playful, funky and downbeat. Every CMU student should give it a shot.