RSO Spotlight: Pinky Promise

Story by Olivia Martin

Photo courtesy of Erykka Pea

Pinky Promise is a judgement-free registered student organization (RSO) that allows young women to confide in each other, while creating a relationship with God. Although their ultimate goal is to develop a relationship with God, Pinky Promise is also a space to release any talk about negativity and/or any troubles a member may have in their life.

Erykka Pea, a Central Michigan University junior, and secretary of Pinky Promise, expressed what it has been like so far with Pinky Promise’s first meeting, juggling the executive board and the pandemic.

“Given the circumstances, it [their first meeting] was actually a better turn out than we expected,” Pea said. “We chose to do a picnic for the first meeting because we thought it would be a nice way to ease into the groove of things for the new semester. We also wanted it to be a comfortable environment for everyone, so I think we did a good job for accomplishing that.”

Pea stated that it has been tough to juggle the organization and her position of secretary. As secretary, Pea is responsible for checking in on those who attend meetings, taking notes during meetings, and sends out weekly emails about what is going on in Pinky Promise and what to expect.

“It has been kind of hard to balance the two,” Pea said.“With the restrictions put in place in regard to gathering size, we have been trying to think of ways to make the most out of it, but still stay safe. Our president, Jazmyn Bynum, has been doing a good job of thinking of ways to keep our members involved with Pinky Promise.”

Pea explains other reasons why it may be hard when it comes to being a part of running an organization.

“Pinky Promise is a relatively small RSO, so it’s been a struggle trying to draw attention to the organization and get the word out [of] what our purpose is,” Pea said.

Although things seem tough, and a little confusing due to COVID-19, Pinky Promise is trying their hardest to continue having meetings and engaging with new members

“In the past, meetings would occur weekly, but due to COVID-19, we have decided to meet bi-weekly on zoom with occasional small gatherings outdoors if weather permits,” Pea said.

For those interested, Pinky Promise meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. The link for their meetings is in there instagram bio.

Instagram: @pinkypromisecmu