Shopping on a Dime: Good Finds at Goodwill

Shopping on a dime? No problem. Mount Pleasant offers the best selection of thrift stores to fulfill your stylish needs without putting a hole in your wallet.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Redden.

Thrift stores are receiving major hype from Central Michigan University students living in the Mount Pleasant area.

With the absence of a commercial mall and thousands of students looking for a place to shop, thrift stores are a great way to find reliable, inexpensive merchandise.

The Antique Center of Mount Pleasant, located at 1718 S. Mission St., showcases anything from classic vinyl records to vintage clothing of all sorts.

According to Lynette Pendred, owner of the Antique Center for more than nine years, business is booming thanks to the many students who have helped set new purchase records every month.

“Students make up about 50 percent of our business and they buy differently than what you would see in most antique shops. We’re doing so well because we buy differently,” Pendred said.

The center’s most popular seller among students is jewelry. The variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants allow students to express their style through affordable accessories.

“Although the jewelry here is unique, it’s the clothes displayed at the Antique Center keep me coming back for more. I feel that fashion is constantly repeating itself and vintage is the only way to go,” junior Ann Radzwoin said.

Goodwill, 1313 S. Mission St., and The Salvation Army, 1717 S. Mission St., are two stores that also attract a large amount of students. College kids mostly flock to the $4 T-shirts, furniture and other apparel for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas.
Broadcasting and cinematic arts senior Ezra Bakker is always looking for new things to buy at Goodwill, where he shops once or twice a week when he has the time.

“I shop for a variety of things,” Bakker said. “Sometimes I’m looking for something in particular, but other times I have time in between classes and check out T-shirts; always gems (laughs) and the prices definitely help.”

Thrift stores have not only allowed students to express their style, but also represent the trend of being eco-friendly and hip. Shopping at these stores is a stylish way to recycle and save money.

So for this fall and winter season why spend full-price for a trendy sweater that could be found in a local thrift shop?

The fashion of Central lies in the hands of the students, and with the progression toward thrift store shopping, this school could represent a new generation of trend setters.