Spotlight: Greek Life Relationships

Photos and stories by Elliott Walda and Madeleine Garlisch

Sometimes, the best connections you make in college are the ones you didn’t expect. These Central Michigan University students share their connections in their Greek life organizations.

From left: Margaret Harrington and Katie Christie

Katie Christie | Chelsea, MI

“In a sorority, you find your girls. But with your little, you find your person.”

Margaret Harrington and Amanda Arendts

Margret Harrington | Farmington Hills, MI

“I love having a fam tree that I can count on no matter what. I find comfort in knowing that any of them would drop whatever they’re doing and help me. I love them all.”

From left: Emily McCleary and Amanda Arendts


Amanda Arendts | Romeo, MI

“It was fun to get gifts from my big all week and not knowing who she was. Not knowing made it that much more exciting. It was so much fun to finally get Marge as my big.”

Emily McCleary | Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I’m thankful to have a big to drive me to work at 8am.”

From left: Sophie Tibott and Cydney VanHoven

Cydney Vanhoven | East Grand Rapids, MI

“My little and I were truly meant to be; We both are in honors, she lived in my same dorm room, and we had the same major our freshman year!”

Sophie Tibott | Morris, IL

“Having a big is like having a big sister, a mentor, and a best friend all in one, and I’m so thankful to have Cydney as mine!”

Jessica Restivo | Warren, MI

“I never thought I would join a sorority, but I’m so happy that I did because I have gotten to know Amanda and we are very similar and continue to grow closer and closer.”

Amber Koenigsknecht | DeWitt, MI

“Tori and I clicked immediately, we are opposites in so many ways, but the same where it really matters, like in our values and beliefs.”

Tori Hatfield | Fenton, MI

“Amber is just always there for me for the good days and bad, we hangout a lot outside of the sorority and she has become like another big sister to me.”