Stitch Fix: Your Personal Online Stylist

Ever wish you had your own personal stylist at hand? Someone who knew exactly what you look best in and could pick out your outfit for the long day ahead?

Well, that’s now a reality with Stitch Fix, a new website that lets you create your preferred look and sends you clothes you can rock all day long.

How It Works 

Their website (the iPhone and Android app is underway!) allows you to create an account, then choose from a list of style preferences.

The website shows you “style boards” to choose which styles you like best, your clothing sizes, your price range and even questions about how comfortable you are with showing cleavage. They have caption options that say everything from “cover those things up!” to “the more the better!”

Near the end of the style board they have a section where you can write a personal note, in case there are any other details you would like your stylist to be aware of.

Then, your personal stylist (ah, we love the sound of that) reviews all of your information and comes up with five pieces of clothing she thinks you will love.

You get to choose how often you receive a package – twice a month, once a month, every other month, etc. Five items will be sent to you based on how frequently you want them.

Receiving Your Shipment 

When your stylist sends you the package, a $20 fee will be placed on your debit card, but will be deducted from the price you pay for the items. You get to try the five things on from the comfort of your home, choose which ones you like, then send back the rest. The best part – you’ll only be charged for what you keep!

They request you fill out a brief survey, asking why you kept or didn’t keep a particular item, just so they can better understand what you want and each package is more personalized to your style.

Stitch Fix also tries to stay within your budget the best they can, which is why this website is great for college students. It can still get a little pricy, but overall it is a unique and fun shopping option.

Now, you don’t have to worry about staying up with the latest trends, that’s what your personal stylist is for.