Street Style: Amber Halstead

On a day-to-day basis, many students jump, roll and perhaps slide out of bed to get dressed for their classes and on-campus engagements. Well, here’s to those students who do just that and still get a fashionable result – sophomore Amber Halstead was spotted sporting a great example.

“I just wear what I think is fun,” Halstead said. “I do not do brand names, and I literally shop wherever.”

Favorite Season: Fall, “Sweater weather.”

Favorite Outfit(s): Skinny jeans and a sweater with Converses; loose tank tops with denim shorts.

Favorite clothing item: Skinny jeans; band T-shirts.



Mudd® Lace Bandeau

Almost Famous Cutoff Denim Shorts

Candie’s® Aviator Enamel Sunglasses

Rock & Candy Women’s Boaties

Photo | Amanie McGee, staff writer