Street Style: Mike Gunnels

One of the most fun and eye-catching trends is wearing graphic prints. Mixing prints, however, is a whole other ballgame. Once you try the trend and find the way you most like to wear it, you can perfect wearing outfits composed of two or more prints, and even those of different shapes and color schemes.

Mike Gunnels, a sophomore, demonstrated one way of wearing this trend and proved it’s a one even guys should give a shot. After all, everyone appreciates a guy who is aware of his personal appearance. Guys, feel free to observe and take pointers from Mike’s use of mixed geometric prints. His look is simple, yet interesting and unique.


  • Mixed geometric prints – printed shirt, printed hat
  • Shirt bought from Purple Haze
  • The hat is from “a buddy’s place” (a friend) (Similar buy: printed hat)
  • Compass on hip


Photo | Shannon Millard, Photo Editor