Student Discount Students Should Know

Story by Collin Salata

As a college student paying for rent, bills and late night pizza runs, financial stability is hard to maintain.

Thankfully, popular companies like Apple, Adobe and others cater to our light wallets by offering student discounts. Here’s the breakdown of the deals you need to know.

For students with a yearning for music, popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music offer students unlimited high-quality music streaming for only $4.99 per month. A majority of students might already be aware of this deal, but compared to the regular plan of $9.99 per month it’s a great deal for students.

Also, Spotify added a new plan, too where one can have Spotify Premium and Hulu streaming.

A popular program that students may need for either school or personal use is Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud is a popular editing software bundle that is loved and used by a majority of professionals but can burn a hole in the pocket. Luckily, students can download the suite for $19.99 per month through for the first year. That’s 60 percent off the original price of $49.99, which is really great for the creative student.

Now, if that’s still too spendy and you just want Photoshop and Lightroom, you can snag the Creative Cloud Photography bundle for $9.99/month.

Break down of pricing plans below.

While those are two of the most useful discounts among students, there are countless websites that students can sign up for and take advantage of their deals. Some of these student discount websites are UNiDAYS and Studentbeans.

UNiDAYS has a wide arrange of different companies on their websites giving students discounts on fashion, health and fitness, beauty products, food and tech., such as laptop brands for both Apple and PC.

UNiDAYs offer a weekly new exclusives page showcasing limited time offers as well as freebies.

Studentbeans offers the same types of discounts as UNiDAYS, like clothing brands, beauty, fitness and more.

In terms of deals specifically for Central Michigan University, there is Corporate shopping, which offers 183 school discounts in their local area, one being CMU. Discounts offered at the site are deals pertaining to Avis, Costco,, Microsoft programs and more.