Student Spotlight: Student Videographer Chaoyi Zhang

Story and Video by Jordan Leach

Chaoyi Zhang, a Central Michigan BCA student from China, is a quiet guy with a lot of personality.  He not only sings, but produces film as well.

Zhang, who also goes by Bob, has produced a couple of music videos. One, shown below, he just made for fun and the other he had to make for a BCA class. He also mentions an instructional video he had a lot of fun making, where he had someone demonstrating martial arts.

Back in China, Zhang was a part of a men’s choir. He said that joining was one of the best decisions he ever made.

“I didn’t really have an interest in the choir until my teacher asked me if I would join,” Zhang said. “It’s really helped me with my nerves, I feel like I could sing in front of thousands of people without getting nervous,” Zhang said.

Zhang said he’s going to be sad that he will be gone in December. He also said he really likes the American lifestyle and is planning on attending a graduate program somewhere in the U.S.