Students speak up about food in dining halls

When it comes to snagging a bite to eat on campus, residence hall dining is where it’s at.

With the amount of variety available between RFoC, Fresh Foods, Merrill Dining Hall and Robinson Dining Hall, students have endless options and varying opinions on dining hall favorites.

“I really like the pasta station and salad bar,” said Freshman Adam Roberts from Merrill. “It’s a little bit more of a healthier choice compared to the American food station.”

Just like Roberts, a lot of students have turned to healthier options when dining on campus.

“My favorite food stations would have to be the sandwich station and salad bar,” said Tressa Keiffer, a freshman from Beddow Hall. “There are a lot of options and everything is healthier.”

Even Chef Tim Prys of RFoC shows a liking towards the more fit choices.

“I pick the healthier options when we have them,” he said. “My favorites would have to be the salads and grilled chicken.”

Prys also believes in adding healthier options to fulfill students’ sweet tooth needs, saying, “I dislike that none of the desserts are healthy. That would be great to have that changed in the future.”

Though some choose to follow a leaner diet, others just prefer to eat the foods that satisfy their palate.

“My favorite station is the pizza station just because pizza is my favorite food,” said Freshman Josh Mikulec from Cobb Hall.

All of the dining halls provide most of the foods that a majority of students desire. However, there’s always room for improvement and the dining hall staff is glad to accept any feedback from students and employees.

Most of the changes students want have to do with the times certain food stations are open.

Katelyn Vaerten, a freshman from Carey Hall, believes the salad bar times should be slightly tweaked.

“They should change the hours. Lunch should start sooner,” Vaerten said. “Salad should also be served all day. I would eat it for breakfast!”

Freshman Morgan Bechtell from Cobb Hall also wishes for a change in the food lineup during certain time periods.

“I hate how after 7:30 p.m. there’s only pizza and grill. For people who have late classes, when they get (to the RFoC), there’s no variety and the same food. They should have more variety later for kids who have late classes so there isn’t the same food during late dining hours,” she said.

Whether you’re grabbing some delectable orange chicken from the International Station or sinking your mouth into a tasty Swiss burger from the American Grill, campus dining leaves students with a full stomach, and as we all know; a full college student is a happy college student.