Style do’s and don’ts of wedding guest attire

Weddings occur all throughout the year. But what might look great at a winter wedding, might not look the same at a spring wedding.

With spring wedding season upon us, it’s important to find what will work best according to the season’s current trends and location of the wedding. Is the wedding indoor or outdoor? This factor will be important to consider when picking out what to wear.

When it comes to weddings and other special occasions you can choose to either buy something new or look for something already in your closet. Regardless of what choice you make, here are some style tips to consider when choosing that perfect outfit.

Don’t wear white

On a wedding day it’s a given the bride and groom are the main focus. Typically more focus is on the bride as to what style dress she is wearing and her accessories she chose to match, which is why it’s important to avoid wearing white to the big day. It may not seem like a big deal, but with all the other colors of the rainbow to pick from, you can be sure to find something that suits your own personal style and keeps the focus on the bride (and groom).

Do wear appropriate shoes

It can be convenient to throw on a pair of casual shoes but not all weddings are the place to wear them, especially if there is a specific attire listed on the invitation. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a new pair of dress shoes or high heels, but make sure the shoes you’re wearing match with the wedding attire requested. However, should you do decide to buy a new pair of shoes be sure to buy them well in advance, as you don’t have to break them in on the day of the event.

Don’t wear revealing clothing

You know the old rule you used to have to follow in high school, where if your fingers extended past the length of your skirt or shorts when your arms were by your side, then it was deemed too short? Well, the same type of rule applies to weddings as well. If you can’t sit down without having to pull your dress or skirt down or have to keep pulling up your top because of too much cleavage, then you might want to save that outfit for another occasion. Be modest in your clothing choice, as you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention and steal the spotlight away from the bride and groom.

Do pick the right accessories

It’s important to wear an outfit that is subtle compared to the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with added accessories. For women, find a statement jewelry piece that complements your outfit. Try to avoid anything too over-the-top as you don’t want to deter too much attention from the bride and groom. For men looking to accessorize, choose a watch that fits your outfit and own unique style. This is a great alternative for when you want to know the time but can’t check your cell phone.

Don’t wear an outfit that’s outdated

We might have some outfits in our closets that were our favorites in the past, but they shouldn’t be making an appearance in the present at a wedding. Save the outdated outfits for a themed Halloween party or a casual, no big deal get-together with your friends. You’ll save yourself the awkwardness from people staring and wondering if you took a time machine to find your outfit.

Overall, it’s important to wear an outfit that looks presentable and is comfortable. You want the bride and groom to see you took the time to pick out an outfit and accessories appropriate for their special day. Plus if it’s an outfit you absolutely love, then you can wear it again for another wedding or other occasion in the future.