Stye Profile: Lucy Ciaramitaro

Personal style is all about using clothing, shoes, jewels, hats, headbands and any other accessory a girl can dream up to show the world who you are or who you want to be. For Lucy Ciaramitaro, a Central Michigan sophomore, this means going back to basics.

“My personal style is definitely basic and comfortable,” the Integrative Public Relations major told Grand Central Magazine.

Lucy’s approach to comfort, though, is not the same ole’, same ole’ sweatpants and Ugg(ly) boots routine you’re used to. Fusing basic pieces with a great fit and well-placed accessories are Lucy’s specialty.

But where can one find these staple pieces Miss Ciaramitaro builds her wardrobe on? They’re probably closer than you think.

“I love H&M, but my favorite store would probably be Marshalls just because of the amazing options and deals.”

Beauty from Grand Central Magazine on Vimeo.

A lady who’s fashion forward and understands ballin’ on a budget? Atta’ girl! Though she swears she would own everything Michael Kors has ever made if she ever struck gold (But who wouldn’t, am I right?).

Lucy takes the girly-with-a-twist look we all know and love to a new level, with a healthy mix of color and combat boots. So who inspired this unique look she does so well? None other than the queen of simple-sass herself, Lauren Conrad.

“My fashion inspiration has to be Lauren Conrad,” Lucy said. “She has a way of looking really chic in a simple but fashionable way.”

Lauren may have inspired Lucy’s take on fashion, but her style is all her own. And while she typically dresses down for class and the hum drum of the day-to-day, she likes to get a little glam sometimes, too.

“I can’t live without my Coach wedges,” Lucy says of her absolute favorite accessory.

Not one to don heels often, she loves the added comfort of a wedge with the wow factor of a little extra leg when she’s out on the town. Posh and practical, Lucy Ciaramitaro is a fashion phenom with her one-of-a-kind look and ability to make comfort look classy.