10 Ways to wear your old rubber rain boots this spring

April showers bring May flowers – or at least that’s how the saying goes. Apparently little miss poet was unaware that Michigan weather has a mind of its own. One day it’s raining cats and dogs, and the next day, it’s a snow-apocalypse. Either way, April is the hardest month to dress for.

Whether you take a minimalist approach to fashion or have a packed-to-capacity closet, there’s no denying that spring’s wet weather puts a damper on even the happiest women’s moods.

When it comes to rainy days, there are two types of gals: those who forego fashion in favor of a hodgepodge of “rain clothes” and those who always manage to look perfectly polished in a downpour.

Regardless of the approach, these two types of gals smartly add a pair of trusty rubber rain boots to their ensemble.

That’s right, ladies. You can still wear your springy dresses, skirts and even shorts with a pair of rain boots. Plus, the mighty Hunters have risen to become a real-deal style staple on campus thanks to countless bloggers, celebrities and street style stars.

With that said, we’ve highlighted 10 very unique ways to wear your rain boots this spring.

10. Rock N’ Roll

It’s almost that time of year again – music festival galore! But until then, rock a pair of black rain boots with cutoff denim shorts and a black leather jacket.

9. What a Classic

Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Do yourself a favor and live by her words with a classic trench coat, pair of jeans and red Hunters to combat spring showers in style.

8. Genie in a Bottle

Calling all bohemian goddesses! Take on rainy days with a head wrap, boho chic dress and matching rain boots. Complete the look with a khaki trench and oversized tote.

7. Goodbye, Sweater Weather

Say goodbye to endless layers. Sweater weather is coming to a close. However, with cool mists here and there, lightweight sweaters look great with tight skinny jeans and lace-up rain boots.

6. Little Black Dress

Rushing around town in the rain is certainly no fun, but even a little black dress retains its appeal when matched with a black leather jacket and rubber boots.

5. XOXO – Gossip Girl

Here’s a flawless example of dressing as you would for a non-rainy spring day in Manhattan: high-waist floral pencil skirt, tucked-in light blue button-up, leather handbag and black rain boots.

4. Nancy Drew Meets Sherlock Holmes

Have a little fun with your rain gear and wear a khaki cape-style trench with red lipstick, polka-dot tights and striped socks. For maximum effect, wear lipstick-red rubber boots.

3. Walk of Shame

Let’s set the scene. It’s Wednesday morning, and you wake up at your boyfriend’s place just in time for class. Rather than rushing home through on-campus traffic, pair his pastel slouchy shorts with a white button down for an effortless look.

2. The Girl Next Door

Although this is the most common campus look known to man, it works for a number of reasons, especially if there is a sudden downpour while walking from Pearce to Grawn. College fashionistas alike can stay warm and dry this season with leggings, thin legwarmers and a lightweight navy trench.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

For the city slickers heading to the office, pair together a nautical striped dress, bright blazer and cross-body bag. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean your little miss sunshine personality has to hide behind the clouds.