Style Watch: Arrion Drumgoole

Story and photos by: Amanda Broadus

Central Michigan University is home to many fashion-forward divas who love to express their personal style every day. Arrion Drumgoole, a junior at CMU, is studying fashion design with a visual merchandising minor. This Detroit, Mich. native expresses her unique and creative style through some of her own original designs.

She describes her style as bold and colorful.

“My style is reflective of my mood. Sometimes if I’m feeling more extroverted I dress extroverted and if I feel more introverted I dress like it.”

Arrion works on her designs that she plans to feature in CMU’s Threads Fashion Show

When she’s extroverted? She dresses very bold, colorful and creative. And when she’s feeling more introverted and reserved, she prefers more simple silhouettes, muted colors, and pieces that are flattering for her figure.

A lot of people use fashion to express themselves and their personalities. They see it as a way to branch out and communicate with strangers and acquaintances without doing so verbally. For Drumgoole, the evolution of her personal style, as well as her design style for her own exclusive collection, says a lot to people in her circle and those that are not.

The Detroit native says her style reflects her personality in different prints, graphic tees and different fabrics like lace.

Drumgoole likes to follow her favorite fashion icons on Instagram to gather inspiration for her next look.

“I like smaller designers like Instagram designer “DaretobeVintage.” His name is Shane Justin and he’s based in Miami. He started off as a one-man show but now has a 3 man crew and has now worked with new celebrities like Cardi B. I also like Keyshia Ka’Oir Davis (wife of Gucci Mane) and Natee Atelier who’s an Instagram designer too.”

Having a love for fashion can sometimes get pricey, especially when trying to keep up with the latest trends that are ever changing. Eventually, you run out of room in your closet as well and just get overwhelmed with all of the options.

Drumgoole’s favorite pieces come from because of their reasonably priced dupes for name brand clothes. She also chooses to buy stuff from the site and add small details to make it her own original piece.

The famous saying “fashion fades but style is forever” is true for the typical fashionista. But style evolves just as much as a person does personally.

“My style, personality wise, is still evolving,” she said. “But my design style is solid. I like a lot of glitz and glam, diamonds, embellishments, and shiny things. I also like things that are more tight fitting.”