Sweater Weather at CMU: Part Two

Story and photos by Kylie Tharp

It looks like we passed fall and went right into winter. Luckily, sweaters will keep us warm. Sweaters are so versatile and are available everywhere. So, grab your favorite sweater as we continue into the colder months in Michigan.

Junior Lizette LeBoulch loves her bold- colored sweater. Lizette says she enjoys this sweater because it’s very comfortable and warm. She purchased her sweater at Target. LeBoulch said she also likes that it’s yellow because she does not own much of yellow.

Senior Noah Rossler likes his hand-me-down sweater the best. Rossler says he likes how unique the sweater is in its coloring and design. Rossler found the sweater in his uncle’s closet after he passed away and thought it was special.

Junior Brianna Wiacek enjoys her comfy sweater out of the many she owns. She purchased the sweater from Meijer because it is cozy and has pops of color throughout it she said.

Like these students, grab a warm sweater and spice up your wardrobe in a practical and comfy way. Dress-up or dress down your sweater while bundling up for the cold weather.