How To: Dress for Tailgate Season

Students at Central Michigan University look forward to many things at the start of a new semester, and tailgate season respectively tops the list. But while there’s many ways to rep the flying “C,” here are a few of our faves.


For the girls out there who aren’t so into decking their hair out in bows, wearing uncomfortable pants and covering their bodies in the flying “C,” this look will suit you well. Comfy leggings paired with a baggy CMU shirt and some sensible shoes is ideal for any girl trying to go for a more relaxed game day experience.

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This look is for the darling girly-girls who love to cheer on their team while still looking fabulous as ever. Pairing Chippewa socks or hairpieces with a flowing dress or oversized T-shirt will have you feeling game day glam.

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Bar Chic

While some are cut out for the chilly fall days, others prefer the warmth of O’Kelly’s or any other campus sports bar. A pair of high-waisted jeans along with your favorite CMU top will have you ready to hit the party scene indoors.


Trendy Spirit

This final look is definitely one you will see often at Kelly/Shorts Stadium because it is simple, yet trendy and spirited. Any type of long sleeve flannel, paired with a matching spirited top and some jeans will ensure that you are cool and casual while supporting your team.

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