#TBT: How to Use Hot Rollers

Back in the day, hot curlers were the way most women got a flirty, voluminous hairstyle before a night on the town.

While the modern flat iron is now the go-to tool and can produce beautiful looking curls, hot rollers give off a lovely, large curl that can make you feel Hollywood glamorous.

Make your grandmother proud and learn how to master this retro look with these simple steps.

Step one

Begin by heating up your set of rollers. We are using the Remington 10-count curling set, which you can purchase at Wal-Mart for only $15.

Step two

Section off the top layer of your hair and begin with the bottom section. Then, take a 1-inch section of your hair and begin rolling from the tip of your hair, upward into the curler.

Step three

Once the section is completely rolled, take the “U” shaped clips and secure the roller so that it is snug against your scalp. You will continue to do this to the entire bottom layer.

Step four

Once the bottom layer is completely curled, spray some medium hold hairspray on the curls and let them sit in the rolls for 3-5 minutes. When time is up, lightly twist out the curls and then lightly spray another layer of hairspray on the completed curl.

Step five

Take down your top layer of hair and repeat the entire rolling process, along with the hairspray, waiting patiently for 3-5 minutes.

Step six

After the curls had time to set, twist out the final layer of curls and hairspray your top layer once again.

Your hair should now be completely down and in tight, motionless curls.

Run your fingers or a thin comb through your hair to relax the curls. For the final time, apply a bit of hairspray throughout your hair to hold the elegant curls and your look is complete. Enjoy your new, ravishing hairstyle.