Mount Pleasant’s ‘Bird’ is still the word

Like many other students, I have a “Central Michigan University bucket list,” or things that I want to accomplish or try before I graduate.

Some of these things include seeing the football team appear in a bowl game (check), seeing the infamous tunnels under CMU’s campus, and trying all of the unique restaurants and bars that Mount Pleasant has to offer at least once.

The Bird was on top of that list, so I drove downtown determined, and hungry, to see what the chirping was all about.

The Bird Bar and Grill, 223 S. Main St., is a well-known place for CMU students to unwind and have a great time on the weekends or after class.

While The Bird is primarily known for their drink specials and great bar atmosphere, many people forget that the bar also has a grill – and they have more options then you’d probably think.

If you’ve ever been to The Bird for the nighttime bar atmosphere, you know it’s a loud and exciting place to be.

But entering the establishment during the daytime was a completely different world. As I walked in, I was surprised to see a refreshing sight of being able to easily choose a table to sit at. Normally, I would have to fight for the smallest of spaces to sit, and compete with others for the bartender’s attention.

As I chose a booth, a friendly waitress quickly came over and took my drink order. It wasn’t long before she returned, and I knew exactly what to order. A Bird Burger.

It seems that when ordering food at a bar, they all boast the same thing.

“Our burger is great”, they say. “Our burger is the best!”  The Bird was no different, and I was going to put it to the test.

After a short wait my burger had arrived.

At first look, the burger was clearly larger than any burger you could get at a fast food chain. It was visually appealing and smelled fantastic. Not wasting any time, I took my first bite and was pleasantly surprised.

Depending where you go, bars can sometimes overcook their burgers because it isn’t their primary means of business. Not this sandwich. The Bird Burger was cooked to perfection, and uniquely featured coleslaw, cheese, and onions on top of a generously sized portion of meat. The combination of flavors worked flawlessly together, and left me hungry for more.

Feeling satisfied, I finished the Bird Burger and had one more thing to cross of my bucket list. And though the Bird Burger tasted great, there was one thing about it that made it that much better…the price.

While some restaurants can charge up to $9 for a hamburger, the Bird Burger was moderately priced at $4 flat.

With a $2 side of french fries and tip included, I still ended up paying less than I would normally at other burger joints.  For cost conscious college students, the Bird Burger is a steal.

For their friendly service, fair pricing, and great taste, The Bird Bar and Grill receives five out of five stars.