The “It” factor: mastering impeccable style

Four fashionistas share their must-have pieces and fashion philosophy to achieve great personal style.

We’ve all seen her — on the pages of glossy magazines, sauntering down the street or even the girl next-door — the woman with unrivaled personal style so uniquely eye-catching you would die to know her secrets.

Four fabulous fashionistas at Central Michigan University have cracked the code of impeccable style, divulging their fashion philosophy, style icons and must-have pieces and providing you with the keys to unlock your fashion style.

The four fabulous fashionistas from left to right: Morgan Bregitzer, Claudia Miculici, Liz Nol and Ashlee Warren. (Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

Claudia Miculici

Claudia Miculici, a senior at Central, pulls inspiration from fearless fashion leaders such as Daphne Guinness, Audrey Kitching, and Dita Von Teese. These icons push the envelope, compelling people to play with fashion by taking risks. Miculici evokes edge by sporting her one-of-a-kind motorcycle boots.

“A person with great personal style isn’t afraid to wear unconventional clothing and has the ability to mix high and low cost pieces seamlessly, presenting themselves to the world in a fresh way,” Miculici said. “My favorite boots are black (like the majority of my wardrobe) and I even hand-studded them myself!”

Morgan Bregitzer

Another glamazon, who prefers mixing biker chic with California cool, is junior Morgan Bregitzer. For Bregitzer on-the-job training revealed another side to her style.

“Working at a Harley-Davidson shop really added a biker edge to my style,” Bregitzer said. “I like to combine edgy with classy, girly pieces.”

What accessories work best for her? Aside from her confidence, Bregitzer favors her Lorissa pumps by Sam Edelman.

“It’s a simple black pump but then the heel is completely studded out,” she said. “I’m obsessed with them! It’s very me; classic with a touch of fierce.”

Ashlee Warren

Senior Ashlee Warren also agrees that confidence is key to pulling off personal style.

“I think it’s fantastic when clothing can make someone feel confident in themselves,” Warren said. “But I believe it’s very important to be confident before you put on the clothes as well.”

Fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen set the bar for Warren, helping her pull off a plethora of looks by mimicking the chameleon-like style of the famous twins.

“I love Mary-Kate and Ashley’s style because it can never truly be pinpointed. They have such an incredibly strong vision, and they can go from one end of the fashion spectrum to the other so effortlessly.”

Liz Nol

Senior Liz Nol believes that clothes are a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle as evidenced by her staple dark skinny jeans, which she uses as a foundational piece to most of her looks.

“I wear them styled dressy, funky, bohemian and casual because people can be many different things: athletic, funny, classy and outgoing. You can learn a lot about a person by just watching what they wear,” Nol said.

Achieving premier personal style takes time and commitment as well as a risk or two. Start by intermixing high and low pieces into your wardrobe; select style icons that speak to you, providing round-the-clock inspiration and never forget that confidence always polishes off the perfect ensemble.