There’s A Lot to Love about a Girl from the City

Story by Amy Cain
Photo by Anne Langan

Count all the songs about the love for country girls and compare it to songs about a city woman. Uneven ratio, isn’t it?

Hearing singer after singer professing their adoration of country girls, I get salty. I’m not saying living among country fields is bad, but why do singers rarely praise city girls? It’s starting to seem like urban females are being shadowed and abandoned ever since the finale of “Sex and the City”.

To inspire some singer-songwriters out there, let’s break down the positive attributes of a woman who hails from the city.

Urban Wisdom
Street smart: a kind of knowledge that is learned in urban areas, including independence and understanding the potential danger in a heavy populated area. “Naive” is a word we are not associated with. In the city, I have my key-chain sized weapon in hand and I put a lock on my steering wheel. Us urban woman are aware of danger and learn to be cautious early on.

Views on Humanity
Living in an urban area full of diversity creates an open-mind and a well-rounded personality. People from all over the world settle in cities for business, academics and a new venture. After interacting with others of a different cultures, city girls have a strong insight on humanity and respecting the people around them.

Spontaneous Lifestyle
In the city there are always different events happening. From squad bike tours to a canine fashion show down the street, we see it all. Not to mention countless concerts, festivals and sporting events.

Career Focused
People forget the women in the office executing those business deals around the city in heels. In order to stay in the city, one must prove themselves.

Navigation Skills
It’s my philosophy that learning how to drive in the city can toughen up your driving skills. Yes, a country girl can drive a stick shift, but can she navigate like Paul Walker during rush hour? Plus, women who know the subway system like the back of the their hand deserve a medal.

Parking, now that is another story. When driving on one-way streets, there are no big parking lot sized areas. This is where parallel parking comes in hand. Pulling into a spot in one fluid motion calls for celebration.

Fashion Forward
City girls have versatile takes on fashion for various events; we flaunt our inner Carrie Bradshaw around the clock.