Threads Designer Spotlight: Analiese Zaleski

Story and photos by Jenna Boulter

Central Michigan University’s Threads Fashion show is coming up in April 2019, and designers are getting their collections ready for show day.

Senior Analiese Zaleski is designing for Threads for the second year in a row. For this year’s Threads show, Zaleski is most excited to showcase two collections.

Zaleski’s collection is called “Corporate Beauty” and will show about 6-7 looks.

Corporate Beauty is a collection inspired by menswear, specifically a men’s button-up and tie. Zaleski is taking those elements and deconstructing them to use the silhouettes in her designs.

Zaleski explains that her mood for the collection is a mix of classic and unique business wear for women with the theme being a mix of masculine and feminine styles.

“I wanted to combine the two to create a line of women’s wear that makes women feel powerful,” Zaleski said.