THREADS Designer Spotlight: Sara Rudolph and Claudia Miculici

Designer duo Sara Rudolph and Claudia Miculici talk about their collection and interesting surprises setting them apart from other designers at the THREADS 2012 Fashion Show April 14.

As Threads 2012 draws closer, senior designer duo Sara Rudolph and Claudia Miculici prepare for their four piece collection based on the Victorian period of the 1880s. Miculici, an apparel design and merchandising major with a minor in art and Rudolph an apparel merchandising major with a minor in management, decided to work together primarily due to similar tastes and passion for clothing. In terms of fashion, both girls are drawn toward an edgier and darker sense of beauty.

Claudia Miculici (left) Sara Rudolph (right) photograph by Ken Kadwell

“We both embrace our individuality, and dress accordingly, instead of following the masses like most others,” Miculici said.

Both designers find they work very well together when bringing fresh, new ideas to the table and both learn from each other constantly. Miculici designed for Threads 2011 spring show, but this will be Rudolph’s first time designing for the show.

Miculici and Rudolph chose the Victorian period because they believe it’s one of the most beautiful and lavish periods in fashion while leaving room for modernization.

“This period of time has a great deal of elegance, but has a very dark side to it as well which we were instantly drawn to,” Miculici said.

From the beginning both designers knew they wanted to add a twist to the traditional Victorian style. Both are very drawn to lace and sheer clothing. Miculici and Rudolph kept the floor length, buttoned-up look of traditional Victorian clothing, while adding a more contemporary twist by making all four pieces nearly transparent.

The designer’s inspiration for this collection comes directly from Victorian funeral wear. Miculici and Rudolph will feature four different elegant looks at the Threads 2012 show. The primary fabrics used in this collection consist of beige and black lace and chiffon, which are very lightweight and dreamy. They are the first designers in the Victorian group to go and promise the audience can look forward to seeing some interesting and memorable surprises that will set them apart from other designers.

This collection incorporates both Miculici and Rudolph’s unique edgy style while still appreciating feminine silhouettes. The timeless and flattering look the color black brings intrigues both designers, and they see its potential to be transformative. Miculici personally loves well-tailored clothing that shows the female figure to its full advantage so the audience can look forward to seeing this at the show. By brining all these components together, Miculici and Rudolph hope to create a collection of beautifully detailed garments, draped in mystery.

“We both love to wear black so that’s why we first knew we wanted to use that color and we decided to have a nude color too to give the collection more depth than just black dresses,” Rudolph said.

Miculici and Rudolph are most looking forward to seeing their concept come to life. Both designers express the amazing feeling of seeing hair, makeup, music, and garments all working in sync and creating a particular mood for the audience.

We can look forward to seeing Miculici and Rudolph’s dramatically dark and unique take on the 1800s Victorian era. Both designers inspire us to think outside the box while showing the importance of clothing that sets you apart from the crowd.