Three Students’ Innovative Journey: Buy a Hammock, Help a Life

Three students at Central Michigan University had a dream of helping others in need and are now doing so with their company known as High Hopes Hammock.

Connor Moynihan, Georgiana Klem and Christian Cullinan are the three founders of High Hopes Hammock, which was founded this past fall in September.

On their website, they describe themselves as an organization that works to provide hope and stability to those who need it. For every hammock that is sold, one is given to a person facing homelessness.

“I was hiking on the Appalachian trail this summer when I thought of the idea of starting a hammock company and we thought about how this product could be a huge help to someone experiencing a form of homelessness,” Moynihan said. “For us, homelessness is a pretty broad word.”

There are three groups of people that the company has been reaching out to specifically and continue to help. Those groups include impoverished people who are out living on the streets, victims of natural disasters whose homes have been destroyed and refugees who have fled their countries because of persecution and violence.

They also partner with shelters and charities to provide donations to individuals in need. And help shelters by providing the hammocks to aid in cleanliness and capacity.

When someone purchases a hammock, they’re able to write a short note filled with courage and inspiration that the person in need will receive along with the donated hammock.

High Hopes Hammocks also gives others the opportunities to help those in need as well by becoming an online ambassador that is involved in the active donating.

Marissa Maskill, an ambassador for High Hopes Hammocks, said she applied to be an ambassador for the company because it would be good experience. “I’m going to school for community health, what better way to help the community than to help those who are in dire need? It was my chance to give back, to serve those who need that extra help. I wanted to make a difference.”

Take a look at High Hopes Hammock for more information.